Rachael Mermaid

Swimming, Songs, Storytelling & Fun Ocean Conservation! #SaveOurSeas

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Rachael Mermaid will appear at Charity & Church events for Free! :) 

I was born on the coast and grew up learning how to swim in the sea so naturally, I have always been allured by Mermaids. Approximately 95% of the ocean is yet to be discovered.... you can't rule them out just yet!

My mother made me my first ever Mermaid Tail for Christmas when I was 7, a non swim proof one which I loved to play around the house in. As the years grew by, and I grew out of my precious Mermaid tail, my childhood dream took a back seat as a day dream as I lived my life as human in the elusive 'real world'. 

It was at Christmas time again, at the age of 21, I admitted out loud that I still had a desire to become a mermaid and swim in the sea for real. And I was going to make it happen!

So after hours of scouring the internet at absolutely beautiful Mermaid Tails and videos of people who swimming underwater in them, I finally found one that I could afford - on Ebay! Complete with a monofin . It quickly became my favourite things was in my third year of university so incorporated it into 2 of my final pieces. I am so happy that the Tweet above become a reality just a few short months after writing it!

I have since then swam in the sea in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and posed on boats in Bodrum, Turkey! As well as the seas of my hometown Llandudno of course. I have gotten involved in charity events as a Mermaid and have even made my own Mermaid Shell bra using real shells.

I can't wait to see where in the world my part time life as Mermaid takes me next! Swimming, singing and telling tales of the sea, I also use my Mermaidness as an extra excuse to spread the imperative message of Ocean Conservation and how important it is to look after our environment, including the ocean and its creatures.