Always Appreciate The 'Smaller' Things In Life


It is so important to appreciate all of the little things in life.

To never stop being amused and happy and excited and grateful for the many great things that life has to offer. For if we are only ever impressed with the seemingly big things and dismiss the small as unimportant, we are then too busy taking those little things and the life they create for us for granted than to really appreciate them and enjoy them and all of the happiness that they have to offer. We miss our opportunity to embrace them and to smile about them and most importantly we end up refusing to be grateful for them. It is completely true of everyone that so much of what you take for granted everyday, is what somebody else in the world is praying for each night.

If we allow ourselves to fully be immersed in life and to enjoy the many 'little' things that life has to offer, rather than concentrating only on the fewer 'big things', we then naturally have many more things to be excited and happy about and grateful for. As well as the big things.

 Life is more exciting when we embrace the simpler things in life and treasure them as much as the whirlwind moments. For that is what makes the 'simpler' things and the 'little things' in life so exciting and enjoyable - we are embracing them. We are smiling at them just as we would if it was something we would consider a 'bigger deal'. And a smile is a smile and should never be dismissed or without gratitude to what creates it! We are then busy enjoying the moments rather than comparing, and thinking negative thoughts such 'this would be so much better if...' or 'yeah this is okay, but having more would be better...' which always ultimately brings a person down.

By being excited and happy about those seemingly smaller moments in life, we become more grateful for them, we notice them more, and we do stop letting them and the smiles that they give us pass us by, and thus, we allow our happiness for the moment and our life in general to flourish.

Because in the end, it is all of those little things that make up the best big things in life anyway.

Enjoying the little and the 'simpler' things in life .... 







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