What is Your Favourite Animal..?


During my second year at university, we at the radio station put together a collaborative event with another universities radio station. This event included of course plenty of music but also comedy acts and a mentalist. Nathan Catherall.  He was really good, as all of the entertainment and the whole night was. But there was one part to his act that has always stuck with me...

What is your Favourite animal?
Why, what do you like about them?

And what is your Second Favourite animal?
Why, what do you like about them?

 I have asked many people theses questions since and whether you buy into this kind of thing or not, it certainly does make for some interesting answers and insight into a person.

Without a doubt my first favourite animal has always been Tigers. Why, you may ask? There has just always been something about them that really appeals to me. I love how they are the biggest and loudest and toughest to take down out of all of the big cats - never to be defeated or settle for second best. I love the way they move so flawlessly, they are such beautiful creatures and I love their beautiful coats and how every tigers stripes are as unique as a persons finger prints.I have always felt drawn to them, I even made and wrote a little book all about tigers when I was a kid.

Little fact for you, there used to be 9 different species of Tiger... there are now 6 left... 

It was when I was contemplating this in the audience that he explained to his victims on stage his reasoning behind these questions. Apparently your first favourite animal and the reasons that you like them are the qualities in which you like about yourself and how you view yourself. So I guess that means that I like to be the best at what I do, not settle for second best, and like to be unique..? Hmmm, seems legit.

For my second animal, for some reason I found this a really hard question and could not make up my mind , so many choices! Hmm snakes, dogs..? Nope. I decided it had to be horses. Again, why you may ask? Because they're big, strong and you can ride them!

It was then that Mr Mentalist revealed that your second favourite animals is what you look for in a partner.

So then, I subconsciously look for a guy who is big, strong and I can...ride... apparently! It really makes me rethink my reasoning for considering a snake as my second favourite animal...?

Like I said, whether you fully buy into the mentalists theory of the human mind and our subconscious or not, it is an interesting ideology and asking yourself and others these questions certainly does make for some interesting answers and revelations...!

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