Do Something! Tiny Guide for a Big Change


The world is going through a lot of turmoil right now. Find the light and be that shining example of hope. Show hope to people and hope to the world and do the right thing, the good thing. Be the good humanitarian example to the world.

"It's not my problem." 
"I don't have to."
"Why should I have to?" 

Times those sentences by 7 Billion. Its Everybody's problem. Somebody Has to, so Why Shouldn't it be you?

Thank you from the World <3

5 Simple Reasons to Help Others:
  1. You are helping others. Thats a great thing in many ways all in itself.
  2. The feeling you get when you help others. That smile of achievement, satisfaction, pride, the pure joy of knowing that you did something good with your time even if just for a moment - there is no other feeling that compares.
  3. Make the most of your hobbies, skills, knowledge, and teach it to others or use them to assist others. Here you gain further skills and experience and get to spend more time doing something that you enjoy doing to begin with.
  4. Have a Productive Day. What did you do on the weekend? Lounge about? Get drunk? Worked the entire thing until you had no time for anything else, for life? Have the chance to say that you did more. That you helped others and not only had a great weekend, but helped make somebody else's great as well.
  5. Your C.V/Resume. Spending even just some of your spare time helping others will never look bad on when applying for jobs/internships/school applications or anything else. It may even help you stand out out from conventional crown a little bit.

Below you can find a small list of links to help you help the world in all sorts of different ways. I am sure that you will find at least one that takes your interest. - Brilliantly helpful site! Any on-line fundraising I am doing, I use this one. - Have free accommodation, (and usually food and other perks included!), and volunteer in where you are. - Volunteer abroad, again often with perks and accommodation thrown in. - Huge non-profit organization dedicated to motivating young people to Do Something to help others and make a social change. - Action for Happiness is Action for Others. - If you are looking to donate money to a great cause, this site will help you narrow down he many in need.

There are so, so many more sites of all different types of charities across the world. A list of just some of them can be found

But helping others isn't all giving to charity and travelling abroad on massive missions. It is not limited to grand gestures. It is true when they say that charity starts at home. 

Helping others can be anything from helping somebody pick up all the papers that they just dropped, to buying that homeless person a sandwich, to volunteering at a charity shop or your local youth centre just once a week. Each action, has a reaction, and we may feel at times that maybe our actions can not and just do not amount to all that much. But in helping the person with the papers, you just rescued them from an awkward and inconvenient situation. You just stopped that homeless person being hungry. You could be making a difference in somebody's for the better and not only do you not even realise to what extent, but it took barely any effort at all! 

From helping somebody to do their homework to volunteering at an animal shelter; find the light and be that shining example of hope of doing good for someone and helping another. Show hope to people and hope to the world and do the right thing, the good thing. Be the good humanitarian example to the world.

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