The Definition of Uneducated


There is no such thing as an uneducated person. There is only ever educated in a different practice.

This is something that I fully believe and will always stand by no matter what.

I am so sick of hearing people putting themselves down, labelling themselves uneducated or not clever because they are not stereotypically 'book-smart'. There is education in everything and merit in every skill and that needs to be further recognised and appreciated. Unfortunately we currently live in a society that claims to be modern yet still archaically measures education solely on memory tests exam results and divides those with a degree from those who don't into confiding boxes of 'socially-acceptable-smart' and the 'everyone-else-smart'. This is categorically unfair and devalues those with many skills, experience and brains as a 'lesser than' just because they did not ace all of their school exams.

(I could be wrong... but this is 2015...right...?)

I am from what is economically classed as an 'underprivileged' area, and in our school program when choosing your GCSE's you could also opt to go to college one day a week and learn the trade of hairdressing or construction. Childhood studies and Catering were also options for our GCSE's. I was surprised and to be quite honest, angered when speaking to friends from various school backgrounds, (particularly those from private schools and 'better-privileged' areas), that none of these were an option when they were deciding upon their GCSE options. It reminded me of the first ever blog that I wrote, 'Univerity; The 'Be-All-And-End-All'?

It again links back to the archaic stereotype that these jobs, skills, trades and educations that do not fit into the stereotypical convention of school, i.e books and exams that we are all typically aware of, are seen as a lesser than. What if that child from the rich neighborhood, and Professor parents, wanted to be a hairdresser or a construction worker or a chef..? Instead their options in school were proposed as 'more academic' leading into the the expectation of university and a degree, because that is apparently the only way to gain a real education and thus a real chance in life to succeed...(also primarily offered to those from such areas as the are more likely to succeed so need no options of 'lesser than' jobs...right...? Wrong.

Not only did those who chose to go to college one day a week do the exact same GCSE's as all the rest of us did, they also came out with an invaluable life skill, a trade, an experience of the outside world of  teaching beyond school life, job offers and the offer to further their education in that field in college, as well as the option to continue school with A-Levels, (thus the possibility of university). In short, they came out better off with more options than the rest of us and a great trade skill to put on their CV at only 16.

Education comes in many forms. I have a friend who quit school after GCSE's, did an apprenticeship in hairdressing which lead to a sponsored college course  taking her up to Level 3 and a full time job doing what she loves. And she is a brilliant hair dresser. I am not being biased, because she is my hairdresser, wand I would not go to her if she was bad! She can not write you an essay about Shakespeare, or draw you a map from memory, but she is educated in not just how to successfully cut and style hair, but in management, in admin including orders and accounting, in people skills and has a vast knowledge of chemistry thanks to all of the different chemicals that she has to work with everyday.

I have a 2:1 BA Hons Degree in Performance and Media from The University of South Wales. I have worked in the media, in promotions, as a Holiday Rep, I am a qualified Assistant Karate Instructor, I have traveled and worked for years in the catering and bar industries, and more. I am educated. But if you asked me to fix your lighting, style your hair, or cook a a gourmet meal, then you would end up in the dark, bald, and with food poisoning. I am educated. But only in certain fields and subjects. Like all of us are.

This is why there is no such thing as 'uneducated'. We are all educated. Just in different practices. We must rid ourselves of out dated thoughts that just because one is not skilled at algebra or spelling, that that means that you are 'uneducated'. Maybe 100 years ago. But not today. Lets create and insure a society where education is recognized and appreciated in all of its forms and that nobody is left feeling 'lesser than' and that nobody has their options restricted due to archaic stereotypes. Lets see to it that the definition of uneducated is a trick statement;

There is no such thing as an uneducated person. There is only ever educated in different practice.

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