Experimenting with Different Hair Colours


My hair probably doesn't like me me very much, I am kinda mean to it. My hair is naturally straight and I barely curl it, but when I do, I use absolutely no heat protection and plenty of hairspray. I always blow dry my hair. I play with it often, probably end up pulling some strands out every now and again, and the only massaging it sees is when I wash it. But most of all - I am continuously layering different colours on it it every few months. Particularly of late, resulting in split ends and malting that has been screaming for some TLC. Although, strangely enough, my hair is still smooth. Partly because when washing it, I layer it with conditioner, partly because thankfully my hair is so easy to manage that I do not have to brush it vigorously or that often so I am not pulling strands out needless. And partly, I believe, because my hair is just so used to being coloured!

I have always loved funky hair colours! I remember when McFly's Awesome debut tune '5 Colours in Her Hair' came out and I instantly wanted 5 colours in my hair! (Something I am Still yet to do... hmmm...) There has always just been something about it that I thought was so beautiful and alluring.

For better colours of my how bright my purple hair was and for the story on my purple streaks at age 12 and what wonder happened at school, see a previous blog of mine, Purple Hair Don't Care. In this blog I also rang up businesses and asked for their policy on hiring somebody with an unnatural hair colour. The results were... interesting, to say the least...

Standard colours can get so boring after a while - why would I keep my hair boring & blonde when I could experiment with all these pretty colours that the world has to offer?! I love being an Identical Twin and I would be happy even now to wear a matching outfit with my twin sister, (providing that we could ever find one that we could both agree on! Our styles have differed slightly over the years...) However when it comes to looking the sames as everybody else - that, I am not a fan of. I have been known to boycott styles because they were so popular, (I know, such a Hipster right...? Yawn). But I do not mean it in an arrogant or narcissistic manner. I guess, in my subconscious, I already have somebody to look the same as, I don't want anybody else to look like me or me like them.

In terms of experimenting with different cuts and styles, my parting does its own thing anyway and I have dabbled with layers and had a brief stint of shoulder length hair with a full fringe, *shudders*, (The bad haircut that we thought was a good idea - we've all been there). But to be honest, I found my signature hairstyle in primary school and after years of drifting to and from it, I have decided that there is no other for me. I may experiment with the length of my fringe, but it will always sweep to the right of my face with long hair and long layers in locks that will always prefer flowing free, ready for me to run my fingers through, rather than being all tied up and restricted!

So what am I left with to avoid what is on my head looking the same in every photo, album after album? Why, with the colour of course!

 But mostly its just because I think that the colours are pretty!

When I went blue, I decided to stick to dip-dye due to my laziness in the upkeep of continuously colouring my hair, and then at the last minute decided to throw in a bit-more-than-intended blue strand in my fringe. And I Love It! I have always absolutely adored auburn/ginger hair. Think Kirsten Dunst in the first film of Spider Man.Or actress Alyson Hannigan.

As the point that I made in my Purple Hair Don't Care blog - go for what ever colour you want, for whatever reasons that you want, and rock it no matter what! Not everything has to be some deep, self expression experiment - sometimes one just wants to colour their hair blue because they like the colour.

I think I might go pink next time... Or maybe, I should just take that plunge on the ginger and see what happens?! (But who know how that will turn out, ginger over blue..?!) I should finally get round to fulfilling another childhood wish, and go for it with the 5 colours in my hair look...Hmmm...

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