The Animals of the Bryn-Y-Maen RSPCA


What makes an animal lover? 

Is it being a vegetarian, a vegan? Is it not wearing real fur? Is it having a pet, two pets, three, four? Or is it just simply treating animals with the respect and care that you would give to any human being, any other living being? Yes, we as a race destroy rule over the planet, but the animals were here first. So like immigrants of the lands and ocean, we must each, (if we have not already), learn to respect the inhabitants of the land which we all share.

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals" - Immanuel Kant 

Unfortunately not all human beings have quite got the memo on that one yet. Which is where the RSPCA come in.

The RSPCA protect the standards of care for animals. They prosecute those who bring harm to animals. They take in and take care of the animals who have been neglected. And they re-home those animals - showing that each living creature deserves to be loved, to be cared for, to be happy - to be safe.

But that part they can't do on their own. They can not re-home any animals if there are no homes for the animals to go to. They need people with open arms and loving hearts who want to make a difference in the world, in the life of another living being. Your new pet may only be one chapter in your life - but to your pet, you are their whole life. They need people who do not want any animal to believe that their life is unwanted.

Each year, the RSPCA investigate more than 150,000 complaints of animal cruelty and neglect.

I went to the Bryn-Y-Maeno to meet the beautiful animals in their care there and find out a little bit more about them. Bryn-Y-Maen is located in North Wales and is just one of the 166 branches across Wales and England and and International Program.

Just click on the animals name to take you to their RSPCA profile!

Upon meeting Millie, I could see through her shyness that she was playful, friendly, and comfortable enough around people to welcome cuddles. To make the most of Millie's bubbly personality, her new parents would ideally need to be experienced dog owners with a calm yet active home.

Ooohh Maxwell! Such a cutie! I could feel my eyes water as I took one look at the missing fur on his body - yet his eyes were curious and his attitude friendly and playful. He pranced eagerly around the cat climbing frame and welcomed being stoked, rubbing his head against your hand. It is hard to imagine any home that Maxwell would not fit comfortably in.

I met the beautiful Marley when he was enjoying his walk outside, yet despite his active nature, he was slightly nervous and weary around other dogs. Marley needs a calm home with parents who have the energy to take him on long walks and can play plenty of games with him.

I tried so hard not to have a favorite, but there was just something about Sooty - warm, yet saddened eyes, his demure nature - it just screamed "I'm shy, but give me a chance, and I'll love you forever!" Left to starve in the dark, Sooty is still learning what a lead even is. What Sooty needs is a stress free home, filled with love, cuddles and positive attention so that he can finally have the chance to experience real love and family in his last few years.

The inseparable brothers were at first timid, but their love of food prevailed over their fear of my camera and they were soon running over to their hay, snacking obliviously. These two make an adorable pair and would need to be homed together to a family who would love double the fun and cuteness in these two Guinea Pigs! 

Bonzo is such a happy dog, he was enjoying his walk and being outside with people so much that he just could not stop smiling! Bonzo needs and active family who want to play with Bonzo and teach him lots of fun new tricks!

Saffy was not one for keeping still! This unbelievably cuddly and fluffy dog is still young and so playful and friendly - to both humans and other dogs. Although with a shyer and more modest side to her bubbly personality, Saffy would be best in adult home with parents who can keep up with her.

This cuddly bunny was super shy at first but soon warmed up to me, (or just realized that I wasn't going anywhere until I'd hugged him...) He has a curious nature and gets on well with the others rabbits. Is ideal new home would involves lots of hugs and fun games for you to play together.

Max is just one of the many beautiful bunny rabbits that are in need of caring homes.

Ace certainly has a mind of his own! He needs owners who will accept that he is King of the Castle. But despite this, Ace loves affection - just when he says and his way. If anything, he is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Camera shy Oscar was not shy when it came to affection. A former stray, he is nervous around loud noises and fast movements. Oscar would be best in a calm home with no dogs and parents who are missing a cuddly feline friend.

April was he shyest of the dogs whom I met, yet with other animals and the brilliant workers of the RSPCA whom she has come to know and trust over time, she was more than friendly. April has a had a tough time yet despite her humble nature, she loves long walks and active games. She needs a calm, stable home, with parents who have patience to get to know her and the agility to keep up with her when they do!


This cute little ferret was full of energy and was much more concerned with running around and playing then stopping to smile for the camera! If you are looking for an active ferret who is such to keep you entertained with lots of laughs, then Moss would be the perfect new companion for you.

Little Al

After entering the the RSPCA as a frail little thing, Little Al now has a hearty appetite and a playful attitude and is super friendly, even attempting to climb up my leg, jumping up to say hi and be played with. Although nervous around other ferrets, Little Al would be perfect for a currently ferret free home to parents who enjoy play and cuddles.


Abandoned by his previous family, Antonio is a little timid but sure was curious when he saw my camera and was certainly not shy to affection. Unfortunately it has been discovered that Antonio has a tumour and he is not doing as well as hoped. Antonio needs a calm, loving family who have big hearts and are willing to show Antonio what true family and love is before its too late for him.

These rescued animals are only some of the animals at the Bryn-Y-Maen RSPCA who need re-homing.

All of these animals and so many, many more, are in need of caring homes with a family who have the love to give. If you would like to Re-Home a Pet you can follow the link here for the Bryn-Y-Maen Animal Rescue Centre or just call up the closest RSPCA centre to you. 

Even if at the moment you are not ready to adopt an animal of your own but still want to help make a difference, there are still Plenty of ways to get involved with helping the RSPCA. The Bryn-Y-Mean centre alone costs around £1,300 a day to run and is relied entirely on donations and mainly volunteers. The animal centre even contains a store where you can buy plenty of toys and treats for your beloved pet.

I would also like to take this blog as an opportunity to thank every staff member and volunteer at the RSPCA for dedicating their lives to fight for the protection of others.

I would like to particularly thank the wonderful Chris Butler from Bryn-Y-Maen who took the time to show me around the centre and introduced me to all the their adorable animals, (you may recognise him in a few of the photos!)

Thank you workers, volunteers and people who have been involved in re-homing these animals and teaching them they they too deserve to be loved - keep up the good work RSPCA!

“If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”  - Francis of Assisi

You can contact the Bryn-Y-Maen RSPC here:

0300 123 0745

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