If I Was Prime Minister of the UK


As a course group in university, we decided that before we graduate that we should have a Prom, where we all got all dressed up suit, tie and gowns and invited 'honorary' course members as well for what was an Awesome night of dancing, laughs, trips down memory lane, which then inevitably ended in tears at the realization that those times were near the end.

But enough reminiscing. My point in mentioning my Prom was that we also had fun awards which we all nominated each other for. I was nominated for 'Heart of Gold', 'Most Likely To Become Prime Minister' and I joint won 'Most Blonde'. (Quite the eclectic choice of nominations there!)

So in keeping with the encompassing theme of the #ELECTION2015, (yep, caps and everything!), and due to the fact that it is the night before judgement day and I am Still torn between two parties to choose to vote for; I have decided to just share what I want to happen, i.e what I would want to do if I were Prime Minister. Because that's the point in choosing who to vote for right? Choosing what we want, and what we would do.

Here we go.... in a purposely random order and in simplistic forms:

  • Equal pay no matter the gender.
  • Free health care for all ages.
  • Harsher sentencing that offenders need to stick to more, (otherwise why sentence them to that long in the first place?)
  • Each tax payer must donate an extra £1 a year to Foreign Aid/a publicly chosen charity that is re-chosen each year. (Its £1. Per year. I'm sure that we can stretch to that.)
  • Ban Grammar schools and have all schools follow the same/similar system. (They are segregating, promote prejudice, and force children at the age of barely 11 to chose the fate of their future and Seriously restricts their options.)
  • Bring Celtic languages in All school curriculum's across the country.
  • Make it a minor offence not to recycle as it is to litter, when you have all the of the access to free and close to your home.
  • Bring in classes like Catering, Mechanics, Construction, Hair & Beauty and more into all schools as a GCSE option. (We had this option in school and to be honest, looking back, the students who chose one of those options ended up much better off than the rest of us. The archaic stigma looked down on them but they had the exact same amount of GCSE's as the rest of us, a trade, a place in college to continue their trade, an offer of an internship with their trade, and a place in Sixth form to do A Levels waiting for them if they had the grades. I can not begin to express my ire at people who are prejudice and still think that it is actually acceptable to look down on trade, 'classic working class' jobs. Maybe a student in a private school wants to become a hairdresser, not a lawyer, and there is absolutely Nothing wong with that! Give children the option, without stigma, give them the head start, and let them choose for themselves.)
  • Ban Zero Hour contracts except for full time university students and those still in any form of education. (Most in these positions like the flexibility and excuse to put their education first.)
  • Lower tuition fees.
  • No more factory farming animals.
  • No more testing weapons and cosmetics on animals.
  • Teachers have less power in schools and more power is shared within parents and student involvement encouraged.
  • Banning of nuclear weapons.
  • Compulsory wind farms where can.
  • Compulsory if you want to work and live in the UK then you must pass an English/Celtic speaking test.
  • Women be aloud to apply and try out for the Marines.
  • All majorly earning, (figure to be confirmed), companies, i.e chain stores, football teams etc must donate 2% of their earnings to Foreign Aid/Chosen charity annually.
  • Stay in the EU. (I Like being able to move around freely and work in any country in Europe I want to without having to fuss with visas!)
  • Restrict powers of the House of Lords in Parliament.
  • Ban plastic bags being sold in shops as an alternative to a recyclable one entirely.
  • Less prejudice in the work place. (Why can't the ex-stripper be a primary school teacher!? What does one have to do with the other?)
  • No more airport expansions. Ever.
  • Better secure tax loop holes.
  • Keep free school meals for 'underprivileged' families.
  • Less Health and Safety gone mad. (Banning Sports day? Are you kidding me!)
  • Government end detention of asylum seekers.
  • Less Government spending and borrowing.
  • No fracking.
  • Controls to limit rent increase.
  • Except for directly offensive; tattoos in all areas on the body aloud in the military and work place. (It is discriminatory to not hire somebody with their tattoos being even a contributing factor. The Navy do not allow tattoos on the neck up or the wrist below because they are not uniform in the passing out parade.)
  • More scholarship opportunities for British people going to a British university.
  • When on benefits, if you turn down guaranteed work, you lose/have your benefits decreased.
  • More free schools set up.
  • All teachers must be certified.
  • Cap benefits to no more than the average wage.
  • Ban groups that stir up hatred and/or promote fear in our communities.
  • If you work 30 hours or less a week on minimum wage, you shouldn't have to pay income tax on your wage.
  • 1 car free day in each city per month. (Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia can do it - why can't we!?)
  • Same paternity time for men as maternity time for women.
  • Abortion time limit brought down to 8 weeks. (The current is 24 - but you can hear a heartbeat from 8. Scary.)
  • Young peoples job seekers allowance should stop after 6 months if the receiver refuses to participate in community work, voluntary work or work experience. 
  • Stop bankers from awarding themselves bonuses - any extra money must be a compulsory charity donation/foreign aid, or put back into the system.
  • Stricter entry for immigrants and restrict number aloud per year, (but not quite as harsh as the Australian points system).
  • Baby changing facilities in men's bathrooms and all disabled bathrooms.
  • No unpaid internships that last any longer than 1 month.
  • Everybody should be guaranteed to get treatment for mental health problems within 6 weeks.
  • No tax on first £10,000 earned after first leaving full time education.
  • Immigrants not aloud to claim benefits such as housing and tax credit until they have lived and contributed to the UK for at least 3 years.
  • Children's say and opinions taken more seriously in social care and schooling.
  • Ban tampon and sanitary pad tax. (Mens razors aren't taxed because being clean shaven is seen as a 'necessity'. Stopping yourself from having blood running down your legs for a week every month however, is apparently not. Idiots.)
  • Cheating on your wife/husband to be a minor fine worthy offence.
  • Homophobic chanting at events i.e sports events to be an offence and to be banned.
  • Create more graduate schemes.
  • If the Government borrow money, details such as how much and what it is intended to be used for should be accessible information to the British public.
  • Stop 'positive discrimination' in employment. (Anything with discrimination in the title is not positive, it only discriminates to somebody else).
  • Make 'voluntary experience' as compulsory as work experience in schools.
  • More of a voice for the people such a public debates and votes within communities about decisions that effect that community.
  • Stop benefits rising faster than wages.
  • Ensure that each child leaves primary school with the required reading and writing level for their age.
  • Stop income tax.
  • Regular checks and investigations on zoos when they acquire new animals - why, where from, are their enclosures up to date etc?
  • Support for more free community centers and activities for youths across the country.
  • Support for childcare for working parents at around £35 a day. (I overheard a conversation in work the other day about a single mother whose wages for the day would not cover the days childcare fees. Thus it is better for her not to work. Vicious circle - we should be helping and supporting those who want to work).
  • If you are on benefits for no health reasons and are not proven to be actively getting involved to find work, then your benefits are to be decreased every 6 months until progression and effort is proven.
  • Life Skills taught in all schools - e.g, What are taxes, why and how do we pay them? What are mortgages and pensions about? And more.
  • More attention given to the social care system to improve it.
  • No discrimination in the work place regarding piercings/air colours. (Does having a nose piercing and blue hair effect your ability to do your job as an archaeologist for say? No.)
  • Stop sexism in schools, such as girls being told that their skirts are inappropriate whilst boys can walk around in shorts without a word said to them on the matter.
  • Stop the import of endangered animals skins, teeth, tusks, etc from entering the UK.
  • Have surprise inspections in schools. (Letting them know that you are coming kind of defies the point, don't you think?)
  • 16 and 17 year old's also do not have to pay adult prices for transport - they should get a 'youth' price.
  • Make bullying an offence, punishable at a later age if need be, through community service.
  • Protect Churches from closing down.
  • Better protect pensions.
  • Make it so that you are allowed to discuss your pay freely within the workplace. (Employers get away with paying different employees different amounts by putting it in their contracts that they are not aloud to discuss their wage with one another).
  • Better teachings of the values of equality and fairness in schools.
  • Keep working hours shorter on a Sunday.
  • Stop unfair and unequal representation of politics in the media. Make it so that news outlets must display a fair representation of each political party running - no in depth article about one and bullet points for another. (How are you supposed to get answers, if where you look to for answers will only give you comprehensive information about some and not the others?)

So yeah... I think that's about it.

Now I don't expect all you dear readers to agree with me with everything here - you can't please everyone. But that's the thing - no matter who wins this 2015 Election, or who has a coalition with who, there will always be people who aren't happy with the outcome. There will always be some policies in the party whom you are voting for which you are not sure on, or you prefer another parties policy on a certain subject yet you still seem to want to vote for them anyway.

I think the best thing to do really is find the deal breakers. What is the most important to you; whose ideas and policies are most like what you want and don't want on those topics that are the most important to you, and take it from there. You may find that you agree with 3 policies with one and two from another but that first party could have a negative which is a deal breaker for you.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for and who not to vote for. That is Completely up to you. But I will say this: Forget Tactical Voting! Vote true to you, what you want and who you want. If you keep having the mindset that what you want will never happen then you are teaching yourself to accept second best, which will seep through to other areas of your life as well. Not to mention that if you never vote for what you want, then you will never get what you want - because people are not voting for it! What do you really want...? Find out and vote for that, Vote true to you. Vote for what you really want.

Oh side note!

If I were Prime Minister I would put Solar Panels on Number 10 and on council houses. Save money, save energy! And do some redecorating of course ;)

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