What Keeps Us Grounded


Without a journey we are stuck, but without stability we are lost - am I right? Maybe... or maybe not.

Ever since I left university last July, all of what little belongings that I own have been shoved into a tiny storage base in Cardiff whilst I have been off adventuring. Sometimes for business, sometimes for pleasure, and sometimes for a failed project that has ultimately lead me to something even better; where I am now. (Feel free to read How I Got Here... to find out more.)

Last week I was feeling down, so called a friend from back in the UK to talk about how out of control of my own life, path and options I was feeling. "Well surely that's a good thing?" He said, "Its exciting!" "Yeah..." I vaguely agreed, "But after so many months of it now, I don't know, I just want to know that something is for sure, that something in my life is definite..."

I guess that that is one of the scariest things about leaving full time education for the first time and entering this so called 'real world' which people seem to obsess over. That loss of stability, of structure, of having a guideline of activities for the week ahead.

I love to travel, I love the unexpected, unpredictable life, I want to continue living as a bohemian with anything that I bother to keep in a storage base an I want to have as many adventures as I can possibly fit in before I can't anymore. And that's when it hit me.

The stability, in terms of the stability that you arguably need in life, does not come from knowing where you will be next week, knowing where you will working, or even knowing for definite where and when your next meal and roof over you head will be - it comes from being stable in knowing that no matter where you are, or what you are doing, that you have people who care about you and who will be waiting for you when you get back.

Although taking people for granted is not recommended, I have always felt that maybe it is not such a bad thing in life. I did not grow up with a great relationship at home or at school, and I was always finding myself envious of those who had the luxury of being able to take it for granted that they would be greeted with friendly faces in the classroom and a hug when they got home. I would watch others take their loved ones for granted and instead of cursing them for it, all I could think is what such a good feeling that must be... To know that somebody cares for you so much that no matter what, you know that they always will, and they will always be there waiting for you at the end of it all... with a friendly face and a hug.

So maybe that is all the stability any of us ever really need in life...not the stability that our reminders will still go off when we need them to or that the next paycheck will definitely cover the next rent - just the stability of knowing that we have the hearts and ears of those that matter. The stability of knowing, that no matter where we are, what we are doing, or where we are going; that there is always even just that one person who is there, and who cares for you so much that you Know that they will always be, (friendly face and hug at the ready!), with you and waiting for you at the end of it all.

 Because in the hearts of our loved ones, We Are Never Lost.

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