Support the Victims of the Stolen Photographs


This is still so unbelievably relevant, yet in most media outlets - it is old news.  

I love how far society has come even in just the past few years. Just a few years ago, this would have been seen as a 'scandal', and celebrities would have been expected to apologise for the 'shameful' photos. Now we, generally, know as a society that this is Not a scandal - it is a sex crime. Taking other peoples photos with out their permission is Stealing. Posting nude and almost nude photographs of somebody on the internet without their permission is a form of Sexual Abuse. And the fact that these thieves, these perverts, these hackers, these creeps who have broken so many morals and laws - least of all invasion of privacy, - the fact that these losers still thought that this was acceptable, that spreading the private and intimate photographs of somebody else would bring entertainment to people - says a lot about how society still Really is, and how far we still need to go to change it.

If you were one of the few who have willing sort out and viewed those photographs, you are part of the problem. You are encouraging the sexual abuse. The are fuelling the fire of the thieves agenda. If people encourage this type of behaviour now, it will only grow and grow until common decency and respecting people and their privacy is a thing of the past.

Do not be that person. What may just be a click of curiosity to you is another hit, another cause to make the photos popular and thus another slam to somebody else's confidence, their self esteem, and their trust in the world. This is real people that this is happening to. Not objects. People. With lives and families and feelings.

For those who say 'they shouldn't have sent them in the first place', 'they had it coming,' its their own fault'  - How would you like it if the photos that were stolen where yours? Or your partners, or somebody who you cared about? How would you feel if  it had not happened to celebrities, if it had had happened to regular people, does that make it okay? This is still sexual abuse. It is still a crime. What ever happened to do unto unto others. What ever happened to having common decency and morals?

These victims should not be ridiculed just because they are celebrities. Celebrities deserve to have their own privacy, their own lives. They deserve to take and send intimate and private photos between their partners Privately and they deserve to be able to trust that it is private and not to have to look over their shoulders just because they chose a career in the spotlight - a spotlight which We create anyway!

They deserve to be treated as any other victim of sexual abuse would be. Supported. Emphasised with. And reminded that they did nothing wrong, it was not their fault, they are not at blame - their attackers are.

Please join in supporting them. Do not search and click for their photos. Do not encourage this kind of sick behaviour. Do not add further fuel to the fire by thinking that is is funny to troll them and comment of their photos that you have seen them naked if you already have been that person who helped support the attackers. Remember, how would you like it if it was your life that was been torn apart by this act of cyber violence and bullying?

If you have already been that person who sought pleasure in the victims heartache and embarrassment by looking at the photos - it is not too late to change. It is not too late to do the right thing. Support the victims. Just because they are 'celebrities', does not man that they are not human with feelings too. And behind every picture there is pain. You are helping cause that pain by keeping the hits on the picture growing. 

This is not a 'scandal'. It is a sex crime. Do not help the attackers. Do not seek out the photos. Do not be a bully. I commend anyone, including the unapologetic celebrities such as actress Gabrielle Union, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, for doing the right thing - fighting the bullies, the attackers -  and supporting the victims.

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