How Do You Like Your Eggs?


I once had a boyfriend cook me scrambled eggs, and he made them for me the way that nobody had ever made me scrambled eggs before, a way that was so new to me. And they were the best scrambled eggs that I ever tasted. I didn't know that eggs could taste so good! After we broke up, I missed those scrambled eggs. So with the support of my house mate I put my lack of cooking skills to the test to attempt to copy his scrambled egg making style and make scrambled eggs the way he would always make them for me. They were not quite them same, but because of him, I now know how to make good scrambled eggs. I did not have to miss his anymore, I could do them for myself. And that was surprisingly important to me.

I then met a guy who cooked me poached eggs. I had never had poached eggs before and did not know what to expect, so I kept an open mind. I was surprised to find that they were essentially a boiled egg without the shell. I usually like my boiled eggs runny with salt in them. It occurred to me that maybe I should be taking this new, poached egg with a pinch of salt. But the more I ate the snack the more I found that I actually enjoyed it. It was not what I was used to, it was not what I was expecting, in fact I had essentially had something very similar before; but I liked it. I was beginning to like it all a lot.

In enjoying the poached eggs, I thought back to the way that the previous guy had made me eggs. He had not asked me if I liked scrambled eggs, but he liked his eggs scrambled, so he made them scrambled for me as well. This new guy with his new eggs had said that he was going to cook his eggs poached and asked if that is the way that I wanted mine as well. When I replied stating that I had never had them that way before, he insisted that I try the something new, and I was very glad that I did. I do not know how I like my eggs. Not fried, because I used to serve cooked breakfasts so much in my years as a waitress it just reminds me of them, although in thinking about it, I do not think that I was ever too keen on them anyway. But do I only lean towards scrambled eggs because his was so good? Or is it because that is what I am used to, that is what I had for so long because that's how he liked them? Could poached eggs become my new favorite?

There is an ongoing plot point in one of my favorite films, 'Runaway Bride', with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, where Julia Roberts's character can not decide how she likes he eggs. For each man she becomes seriously involved with, she alters the way she enjoys her eggs to fit is. So unsure of herself, she can not even decide how she likes to eat a certain food group, so copies the person that she is with just to please him. To give him what she thinks he wants, to be what she thinks he wants and in the process, loses who she really is and stops questioning what she really wants for herself.

I believe that if you are in a relationship where you are both mutual in wanting to plan a life together then yes, you can not always have your own way, but that does not mean that you should always give in to the other person either. There should be some compromise. It is okay to be different and want different things sometimes. You are allowed to want your eggs to be different to the way they want theirs!

Knowing what kind of eggs you like is key in some peoples opinions to really knowing yourself. But in my opinion, knowing yourself is not always limited to deciding on one thing or another on certain things in life. You can like all types of eggs, have more than one favorite genre of music and be as indecisive as you like on which hair colour you prefer on yourself; this does not mean that you know yourself any less. It just means that you have a varied opinion on it and like them all!

For now, this guy likes his eggs poached. And when I am eating eggs with him, I shall probably eat them poached as well, most of the time. (Maybe I just like all eggs..?) And if I feel like a change, then I will change them myself. Or unlike the previous egg maker, as this new egg maker with his new eggs encouraged me to do; I'll try something new. I know myself pretty well - and I know that unlike Julia Roberts's character, I am not going to let how the person who I am with likes to live his life, how he likes his eggs, affect how I live mine. I tried that before with the scrambled eggs - but the 'compromise' that is needed between two people was one sided. He liked his eggs scrambled, so I had scrambled. He liked his life this way, to do this, go there, and I had planned a compromise to that but evidently, planning a future with this person could just not be on the cards. I may be unsure of my egg eating style, but I am sure on what I do and do not want out of life.

Sometimes I like scrambled eggs, sometimes I really don't. Sometimes I want an omelette, sometimes boiled, and others the thought of eating eggs at all is just horrible. I guess I just can not decide, and just like the laid back, 'lets see what life brings' attitude that I choose to I live my life by, I choose not to decide a definite final yes to one and no to the rest. Not yet anyway. I still have lots of different styles of eggs to try yet!

But for now, poached is good. He is really good :)

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