The Hope Rant...


I feel like no matter what I do it will never be enough. I do something to raise money for charity, but I feel like I could of done more. I walk from North Wales to London for charity, and I feel as if I could have done more to raise more and could have walked further. I live a minimalist lifestyle & care not for material things and I feel like I could make myself pay less, have less, give more, care more, make more time for helping others... I still need to build my school in Africa but I haven't even Started fund raising yet, what am I waiting for...!?

Sometimes I am glad that I feel this way, others its a burden. I have been told that I am too trusting wanting to believe the best in people but to be honest I would not call it trust, I would call it hope... I can not help seeing so much wrong in the world, so much injustice and so much of people getting caught up in little dramas and consumerism - which on the scale of things that are going on in the world -  just don't really matter. I had a tough childhood - and I am just forever hopeful that the rest of the world is better than the one I had to grow up into and that the people that I meet along the way are much kinder than the majority that I knew growing up. I am hopeful that I can fully put my trust in people in the future.

However this tough upbringing made me tough, and with that sometimes I find it hard to sympathize on the small things in life when I know that life can be much worse than that. I often find myself having to train myself to be more sympathetic towards people and I have to remind myself that different people react to different situations in different ways. Yes I may not see having a bad hair day as a ruined day, but some people genuinely would, so to be fair to them, we must be sympathetic towards that because everybody's emotions are different. The fact is, we never really know what is going on in other peoples heads, in their lives, we never really know what they are really going through. That one bad hair day may seem like nothing to us, but it may just be the last chain of unfortunate events that pushes that person over the edge. Hence why a sympathetic word as opposed to a 'Get Over It' attitude, is always a better option.

But as I said, I cannot help but continuously notice the wrong in the world in my hope and search for the good. I sometimes feel like so much in life is pointless. And I went on a little bit of an ungrammatically caring, quite sarcastic rant about it to myself a while ago....

 There are people being forced to live on the streets just down the road, people dying from disease and hunger, animals being needlessly tortured and tested on for the sake of needless materialistic things like blusher, the world is being killed day by day by our laziness and selfishness, people being abused and bullied with nobody to turn to, people being judged upon for the simplest of things - because its 'Free Speech' and 'Only an Opinion', its their own faults for getting upset; people, men women and children, are regularly abducted and trafficked, sold, imprisoned, victimized, wrongly accused and tortured, people get stressed out because 'The Government is watching us!', but what do the people who get so worried have to hide? As long as you have money, you have power, you are above the law, and anybody who moves to any other country does not need to worry about the little things like learning their language, their culture, or following their laws, the country will accommodate for them, and of course if you are white and British you could Never experience racism yourself and if you try to say you have then obviously You are the racist, recycling is good but who really cares when the bin is two inches closer? If they own the information they can bend it all they want but why wouldn't we believe everything that we read in the newspaper, its that reporters spin on things, how could it not be true? Left handers are weird, so are gingers and shorter people, Identical Twins are just creepy and women should just stop complaining about the men who sexual harass them on a daily basis because its 'a compliment' and 'not all men' do it, its like they just don't know that that makes it all okay! The Internet is for abusing people and all 'frapes' are funny, it doesn't matter if the actual name for that is 'Facebook rape', it does not completely diminish the seriousness of what rape actual is at all, its 'just a joke', and come on, we all know that rape jokes are funny anyway, just like 'First World Problems' I personally think that its hilarious that we can laugh about running out of our favorite coffee being our biggest problem of the day whilst millions of people starve whilst providing us with those coffee beans, (clearly didn't provide us with enough!) Jeeze I just thought where is my latest Celebrity fulled magazine, nobody has told me what Britney is having for lunch today and what Kim Karshian wore last night I think that I am going to Freak. Out. It's so funny that there are actually some people in the world who think that some people might prefer reading about whats going on countries like Africa, as opposed to what Cheryl Cole did last weekend - Please! Owch! Time of the month again! Better stay away from all guys it just grosses them out and I'm obviously just going to be sooo moody this next week, it doesn't matter if somebody is just being a douche or not, its just got to be the hormones! Oh but that guy who calls me his booty call just asked for a sexy photo..? Hmm, well, I better do it because if I don't then I'm a boring prude and he won't bother with me again and I really like him, but if I do then he could show his friend, or lose his phone, if I become famous its Definitely going on the Internet but hey actually that Is the way to become famous these days... maybe I should rethink this whole sex tape thing? We all need more money to live but we can live without money, I'd love to be a stripper, it looks like fun but society says no because it says so, it doesn't matter how well you perform in the interview or how good that CV is, if you have purple hair and are not wearing a suit, then walk on my friend, thank you for your time, I guess I'll go work in McDonald's, oh wait society says no to that one as well because it says so, I need to lose weight but the magazine told me to love my curves but it just made fun of some celebrity for having stomach rolls, we all need to be healthier but its okay, love your body no matter what the size, we should totally influence kids to be more active, but wait we just banned sports days in school because off good old Health and Safety, hey you shouldn't be on video games all day its bad for, but get down from that tree you might hurt yourself, (& I'll get sued!) People always ask for the truth but its not the truth unless its what they want to here and sarcasm is rude but its okay if you use it on builders, mechanics hairdressers, they're all uneducated anyway, we all hate war, MP's and the Police, because we know that all the newspapers would still sell with happy headlines there just obviously isn't any, we all love a good drama don't we? I mean we could watch people succeed or we could laugh at their embarrassment and shoulda-coulda-woulda at their failure and we all know which one is more fun, female firefighters are such lesbians and all lesbians are like ugly guys but male firefighters are sexy and gay guys are all bitches who make great shopping partners, video killed the radio star dammit DJ stop talking over the song the radio is for good tunes only oh wait Justin Beiber..? He can be a bit of a douche so I guess all his songs suck because so many other guys said so, the Beauty Queen could never have any problems in life, shes pretty and that's the main task for a female, well that and being able to have kids, so what more could she want? Its not bullying if you give someone hassle for being pretty, smart or privileged they deserve it, how dare our Prime Minister be an Etonian, they are all so obviously dicks for being born rich, oh wait I shouldn't swear kids might read this, not that they don't hear worse from the TV and their parents anyway, is it even PC to say parents as a plural anymore and just assume? What has become of 'family life?' How dare you say that you have a religion, don't you know that that's just shoving it down peoples throats? I don't care if you've found God, it offends me if you mention it. I have no money to give to charity, I'm going out this weekend, the starving kids and dying dogs can wait another few months, you have to pass every exam but you will never need this stuff again, don't you know that their is a hierarchy in schools that you should bow down to? Teachers - top, students - bottom, no that's not a sexual innuendo although it may as well be, why else are male teachers suggesting that female students wearing short skirts is a 'distraction' to the boys education, something that maybe crossed their minds first..? But then again we all know that men are just animals who just can't help it and as women we must cater to this and tailor our outfits to meet a mans needs, wow its hot, guys are so lucky that they get to walk around topless and enjoy it but I better cover up quick, don't want to be a slut now, jealousy is just a guys ways of showing how he cares and that scratch on his neck is sexual because guys never suffer from domestic abuse, don't be silly! Man that homeless guy is annoying, how dare he beg next to the cash machine like that, why can't he just go get a job? There's plenty of them and if you can't get one then that's your own fault. On no people are looking at me, don't want to stand out or be different in anyway, following the crowd is the only way to move forward in life and anybody who leaves the pack is isolated for life. £5 for condoms!? No there's new top for £10 which I just Need, the taxpayers will pay for my morning after pill or abortion anyway, but wait you handed me free sexual health education, free contraception, free condoms at the clinic, and now you won't give me a house for Accidentally getting pregnant?! It wasn't my fault, the clinic is like a 20 minute walk away from me! Uuurrgh, the Government just does Nothing for us! But I guess they do wear a suit for work and work in an office - what douchbags. I need a job but I can't without experience but I can't get experience without a job why can't people just do it for me? I don't have a Carbon Footprint, I Need my car, I work 10 minutes away, its just the Government, the Prime Minister or some other rich persons fault anyway. 5p for a plastic carrier bag!? Jeeze, how dare you insult my intelligence, the working class are smart as well you know, money does not buy you brains and common sense no matter what school you went to and Yes I am young and wearing a hoodie, calm down old people with a warped sense of superiority for being 40 years older than most of us, not all teenagers are 'Yobs', your 40 years of voting has really got this country far, but does it ever really matter? Whoever is in power is screwed and is going to get blamed for everything for the next four years anyway. Food! Better Instagram it, why wouldn't people care about how bad my day is going? Better write a Facebook status, oh no somebody asked why, how dare they! I'm going to tell them that's its none of their business, they are so nosy, trying to get me to spread my private business across the Internet like that, I so want her figure, oh its so unfair, why can't I just eat all the pizza I want and what is the point in cellulite anyway? Shaving is so much hassle, but that's how guys and society like it so I better do it, maybe I should get my boyfriend to pay for the wax if hes so insistent on it? I mean guys are supposed to pay for everything for their girls anyway, only the young and pretty will make it on TV, unless your a gimmick, but people are bored easily, that sad animal advert makes Me sad, better change channel, Maybe we should all just live in our own plastic Ultra PC and Super Health & Safety Friendly Bubbles so that we may never challenge, influence or offend anybody else with our thoughts, opinions or give anybody a heart attack because they think the parents will sue just because their kid scraped their knee in the school yard...

So yeah... maybe there are more than just a few things that anger me in this world. The primary one..? It is hard to choose but I guess that it does come down to Inequality. Jesus said that God created us all equal;

John 8:7 - "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."
 Luke 6:31 - "Treat others the same way you want them to treat you."

Now whether you are religious or not, could you really claim that these philosophies are not good ones to live buy..? The way I see it, we are all born equal, no matter where you are from, what kind of country, money, no money, race, religion, gender - We Are All Equals.

Refusing to treat somebody else as your equal is what leads to sexism, racism, prejudice, stereotyping, totalitarianism, superiority, and so much of the worlds hate. And not treating them as you would want to be treated is what disconnects us to sympathizing with others who may need our help - it is what starts that vicious circle of not being able to see everybody else in the world, from the homeless person on the street to the person on the House of Lords, as our Equal.

So yes, I am Hopeful. Hopeful that there will come a day, soon, that we will all see each other and treat each other as Equals in terms of our right not to be judged, mistreated, stereotyped... I am hopeful that I will continue to meet lovely people. I am hopeful that the school in Africa which I wish to build will get built and thus more and more and more. I am hopeful that I will never worry for money, but nor will I value it over what matters to me most. I am hopeful that I will be able to trust without fear and be sympathetic enough to scroll through Facebook without rolling my eyes...

I guess Hope is whats keeps us going. And I shall keep ranting, or spreading my thoughts somehow, until the change is clearly visible. Because we can not change the world until we change peoples minds set.


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