So What Is This 100 Happy Days Challenge All About...?


Over the past couple of months, you may have noticed a new hashtag appearing on your Twitter, facebook and/or Instgram. This hashtag is #100HappyDays. You can find their website here!

From personally browsing the website I have found that with no ask of money or donations and what seems like only good intentions to put a smile on peoples faces is in fact a very well thought out idea. Yet until today, it had been an idea that I had been avoiding...

The Challenge:
To find something everyday that makes you happy and document it on social media, with a picture if you can, and the hashtag #100HappyDays.

Why I was Avoiding It:

The website says that 71% of people fail to complete the challenge because they do not have the time for it, claiming that it is because of this that we all need to focus more on finding the time to be happy. Yet my reasoning for putting off having anything to do with the challenge was not the fear of not having another time in a day; but the fear of not having something each day to be happy about.

The things that truly make me happy in my life are my friends, my love life, family, my goals and reaching them and being made to laugh. So I would ask myself how I would ever be able to find anything else in life that make me as happy as those for a total of 100 days?! I was so scared that I would get to something like day 7 and realise that I have nothing left to be happy about in my life or nothing new for that day. And being reminded of the fact that I don't know how to be continuously happy for 100 days in a row was not something that I wished to be reminded of... It was only today that I realised how much I have been missing the point of the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

The 100 Happy Days Challenge is not about being continuously happy all day, every day for 100 days straight. It is not about collecting the things that make you happy and just putting them into groups of one thing that makes you happy like friendships and your career and then struggling to come up with new categories. And it is not about needing to find something new and different in your life to be happy about each day because sometimes the things that make you the most happy did not just appear to you today, they were there all along.

It is about taking notice of the little things in your day that make you smile and highlighting them, celebrating them, and enjoying the happy feeling that it gives you more than you normally would. And then you document that moment and that feeling so that you can look back and smile again. Even if you can only find one thing that day to make you happy that is enough. From enjoying a good meal or a fun walk to your favourite song coming on the radio and just celebrating being alive!

There is still a worry somewhere in my mind that I won't find anything to be happy about each day and instead of this challenge improving my happiness, actually making it worse. But I have since realised just how many things in a day you do have to be happy about, when you pay attention. For example tonight I went to church and I suddenly realised that having a great church to go to could count as my happy thing of the day, or being able to sing the upbeat, catchy songs or, my chosen happy thing of the day, as a Christian, being thankful for the Lord dying on the cross to save us from our sins and then resurrecting, (it is Easter after all!)

The point of the 100 Happy Days Challenge that I was so foolishly missing is pure and simple; It really is the little things in life that are much more important than we think. And this challenge is not some confidence challenge to be nervous of. It is an opportunity to celebrate and remember what makes you smile, why we are happy. And how can making yourself more aware that you are smiling and are happy about something be a scary thing...?

I guess we'll see... #ChallengeAccepted.

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