Following Your Feet...


How are you supposed to know where you are going in life when you don’t know which way to turn? 

Do you know what one of the most stupid expressions in life is..? 
 It’s when people say ‘Just follow your feet’. Follow your feet – what the hell does That mean!? How are you supposed to Follow your feet, you’re the one who decides where they go anyway! It’s not like they have a mind of their own and you and the rest of your body is just tagging along for the ride! 
Or maybe that’s the message behind it – you already know where you’re going so you just need to put the commute into action… Easier said than done of course.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. But do I believe that we each have a path, a fate? No. I believe that we have Guidelines. We each have freewill to make our own decisions – (another stupid expression ‘I didn't have a choice’; no matter what the circumstances, you Always have a choice!) I believe that we have a series of paths that we ourselves choose to go down for whatever reason and with multiple fates which we again choose along the way. So not to go all cliché on you here with 'oh just another youth not knowing their path in life and blah blah blah'; I’ll cut it down:

Although it’s hard to say when my real path in life begun, (when I was born, maybe!?), but my path right now is … looking promising … and is just beginning J I still have so much more in life that I am yet to achieve but with my stubbornness and determination, I know I will achieve. Guess I’ll just have to ‘follow my feet’ and see where I end up.

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