Why do we always wish time to go by faster..? Then don't we later complain that we don't have enough time..?

Have you ever played that game with yourself when in work/class/wherever - where, say its 2pm, your looking at the time and you say, "I'm not going to look at the time till 2.30pm. And you wait and it feels like way more than that half an hour has gone by, only for you to glance at the time and realize that it has only been 7 minutes...
If only we could edit all the time wasting parts of our lives such as waiting for a bus, queuing, I even consider sleep nothing more than a necessary nuisance - (I mean just imagine what you could be doing with those hours!) It would be fantastic if we could take those minutes back and add them on to moments that we do want to feel like they're lasting forever.  Like winning a game, eating your favorite food, or being with the people we care about.

But unfortunately we can't do that. We can't take back time and add it to where we'd like and we cant take back any of the time that we have wasted. All we can do is make the most if the time we do have, and stop wishing the clock to tick away the minutes that we have, because once its gone, its gone. And although counting down the minutes till the end of your shift might seem like a good thing to do now, (and trust me, it really only makes it feel longer!),  later on, when we feel our time running out, we'll be wishing we had those minutes left.

We are all guilty of wasting our own time when we could be doing so many great things with it. So although the bad times may seem like forever and the good times non-existent or that a certain chapter in your life that you wish you could hold on to is flying by too quickly, (for me its university - despite all the work I never want it to be over!), I believe that we must all try and make the most of what ever time we have, what ever situation we are in, good or bad, and make the most of the opportunities in life whilst we have them.

Because as morbid as it sounds,  you never know when those moments, that time you had, will be over - and you'll wish that you made the most of them whilst you had the chance.

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