Raising Money for Bobath & Fashion Vs Beauty


One night a few weeks ago I was facebook messaged about a modelling casting for the competition Fashion Vs Beauty, a beauty pageant with a difference that combines the two different modelling styles of Fashion and Beauty Pageants, ending in a decider between the two of which one the judges preferred. Now I have done charity fashions shows before but just for fun in my uni. But I have done 5 beauty pageants. I began with Miss European when I was 16 and it seriously changed my life for the better. I fell in love with getting my hair and makeup done, getting to wear gorgeous gowns, sashes and tiaras every day, having an photographer follow you everywhere you go, travelling in limos and getting the 5 star treatment to every event that we went too... I mean to be honest, who wouldn't love all that stuff!? But what changed me the most was how for the first time in my life, I felt completely at ease as I was in a room with people who for once were just like me, girls who you bonded with straight away, who were chatty, eager to make new friends and of course extremely Girlie!

So you can imagine my surprise when I was asked to enter as a Fashion contestant. My initial reply to the message was asking that with my petite 5ft 1 and a half inches that may not be clear in my facebook pictures, would I even be able to enter..? And of course there was no height restriction! (Yay!) One of the reasons that I like to do some modelling and beauty pageants is to help show that you don't need to be 6ft and skinny to be a model, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Because as I have stated in a previous blog of mine, The Opinionated Beauty Truth, beauty is a matter of opinion and there are all different  'types' of models to prove it. As the saying goes, If I can do it, Anyone can!

So of course the clothes where beyond gorgeous and it was so much fun, (for more details of Fashion Vs Beauty click Here.
But the main reason for Fashion Vs Beauty, is to raise funds and awareness for the charity Bobath Wales, a charity which helps children in Wales with cerebral palsy and helps support their families. Admittedly, I had not heard of Bobath before, yet I consider charity work and actually making myself useful to someone or something in life as essential, so I was happy that this was at least a new charity for me to raise money for. (Although much to the annoyance of my friends who are running out of money to sponsor me for my numerous fundraising activities!)

So of course all the tickets that were sold and all of that money goes towards helping Bobath, but as a contestant we were also required to at least try and raise some money for Bobath. Due to the fact that I only had about 3 weeks, a lot of university work and glandular fever creeping back up on me to remind me of its presence, I began to get worried if I would be able to complete the task of fundraising to the personal bar that I had set myself over the years. And then the organiser Nyomi Lenny told us of a group fundraising activity that she hoped that we would all be able to take part in - a Man V. Food challenge! A 45 ounce burger with toppings and a bun that was literally bigger than my head! Now when I was 15 my friends and I enjoyed a pizza hut, with sides and then competed with each other in an ice cream contest and even though I was the smallest one there, I still managed to win! Famous for my ability to eat mass amounts, with  my record of pancakes including all ice cream, syrup and sugar on them being 21 at one time, I was optimistic of the challenge. Yet when it came to attempting it, I was very aware that I had only just over an hour before I had to leave as I had failed at getting the night off work... And it was So. Huge! I managed to eat half of it and did better than most of the other girls also attempting it and was personally quite pleased with myself. Through my JustGiving account and spamming facebook, I managed to raise £32! Thank you so much again to all my sponsors! (To watch the YouTube video of my Man V. Food click Here!)

I also did two other fundraisers to raise money for Bobath. First a bake sale in my university, with the help of some amazing friends who are much better at baking then I am! (Although I do bake good cookies...when I get the measurements right...) I have learnt that a bake sale is so simple, quick and easy to do to raise money and also a lot of fun when you have good friends to help you. With this, we managed to raise £53.50 for Bobath. Not too bad for cakes that were being charged as low as 20p-50p.

 The second fundraiser took a little bit more organising. A friend from Somewhereto_, Rob L Jenkins, who I have done some work with before, saw my insane facebook status spamming of 'Please Sponsor' for the Man V. Food challenge, and messaged me with an idea of a gig-type fundraiser and to get his friend and Ambassador of Bobath, the wonderful, Peter Karrie. (If you have lived in an anti-theatre bubble all your life, Peter Karrie holds the record for playing the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera in the West Ends, Andrew Lloyd Webber style and was voted 'Favourite Phantom' two years running. Hes awesome.)

 I had originally planned to again hold it in my university but unfortunately could not get secure the venue again. so after being passed on on the phone to several different people, I finally manged to get hold of the head of fundraising at my university and thankfully managed to secure my campuses union for our venue. Again, (thanks to some great friends), I had two friends do an acoustic set each with donations and then with people paying for requests when Peter performed. Rob and Hugh from Somewhereto_ came down to help we sold raffle tickets for 50p a strip and did a 'Guess the Amount of Sweets' for 20p, which of course was a popular one! I wanted to charge a little more, but one of the aspects of fundraisers is to remember your audience , and I do not believe that we would have raised the same amount of money of we had not have charged student-friendly prices. And of course Somewhereto_ donating every time I got some body signed up for Somewhereto really helped. Weirdly enough, we again managed to raise £53.50, with the added money from the online fundraising from the Man V. Food Challenge and me rounding it up came up to £150. I also got a special thank you a gorgeous box of fudges at the fashion show for my fundraising efforts, although I just wish that I could have raised more. But there are always more fundraisers to come, so watch this space!

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