Holding the Olympic Torch!


So about a month ago I was fortunate enough to be awarded third in the Miss Essence of Kindness beauty pageant! Organised and hosted by Jodie Ellis Eardley and Katherine D Watson.
The pageant was held in my hometown, Llandudno, North Wales and it was so much fun and I met some amazing girls and had my little cousin Hannah come to watch all dressed up and borrowing one of my tiaras like a real little princess, (she was getting more attention then any of the contestants, not surprising as shes adorable!).
Now the Olympics had been more dominant in the people of the U.K's lives this year more than any, and I for one, although I have not been fortunate enough to get to London, have loved watching it on T.V and saw a slightly violent side to the Paralympics with people throwing each other out of their wheel chairs during basketball games, yet with immense skill been able to lift themselves up again with in 3 seconds! Whereas if that were me, I would still be on the floor struggling untill I eventually gave up on feminism and waited for somebody who looked strong to come and lift me...

Ian Turner, one of the judges of the pageant and the Olympic torch carrier for our town, took a shine to Hannah and mentioned that he still happened to have it in his car and would she like to hold it..? Umm... YES! And so did I want too and a line to touch the torch of the year quickly formed... And I have to say, that not only did it make the already wonderful night and coming third even better, I just loved how the gold torch matched the gold in my gorgeous purple sash!

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