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On August 12th, 2011, due to the fact that I was to be starting university studying a media based degree that following September, I decided to make a YouTube channel, figuring that I am bound to use it at some stage. And I did, and I have, much more than I thought...

The first video that I uploaded needed to be on the internet for a class assignment so it could be viewed that October. And until May of the following year, 2012, no further videos were uploaded. The May video was a monologue that again was for a university assignment and needed to be sent over to
a tutor via a link.
A slightly controversial monologue, I chose the monologue 'The Vagina Workshop' from 'The Vagina Monologues' by Eve Ensler for the simple banter and comedy factor - (and to see the response from my university tutor! Which I have not yet received due to awaiting marks..)
And then one day, June 13th to be exact, due to some inspiration vlogger friends, I decided to give this 'vlogging' thing a go and see what all the hype was about. If anything it would hopefully help improve my speaking to camera skills for gaining a career as a T.V Presenter... (Included in this vlog you will notice some snapshots from my various vlogs,... the reason for so many in the purple top is because I believe that vlog day to also be a good hair day-ish!)

Now I ramble - A Lot - and my first vlog accidentally became a ramble about the things that I hate about Facebook. Mainly so many peoples irriating consistency to complain about every little thing that goes wrong in their life, and publishing it on Facebook and then complaining for some privacy, (annoyingly contradicting themselves a little bit by writing a Facebook status about it and announcing it to the world..?)

The second - a quick tour of my university halls for future freshers on the day that my last flat mate left and I was left the last one in our shared flat. I genuinely hope that this vlog helps some freshers because I searched desperately on YouTube for tours of university halls before I left for uni and no such luck and I have already had someone who shall be living in the halls I lived in thanking me for the tour so Yay! Worth while already :)

The third vlog was again related to my university halls and it was in this vlog, which was a rant about how much I hate packing - seriously, its the worst! - that I noticed that I had had a bit of a rant about something in each of my vlogs...

Now I am usually a very happy-go-lucky, go-with-the-flow kind of person, yet sometimes you just need to rant! I looked at the positive in that at least my mini rants will hopefully not hurt anybody personally... well accept maybe the Facebook status one but sometimes you just can't please everyone! My vlogs, as well as this blog, is based on my own personal opinions and views and mine only and are not meant to cause harm or offence to anybody.

 But due to my previous rants, I sharpened my editing skills and decided to make a vlog dedicated to a rant entirely entitled 'Rant of a Waitress', enlisting the top 8 things that I hate most about waitressing with  hopefully some comedy and a happy ending after all! :)

I decided not to set my self any 'vlogging rules' such as to vlog once a week or whatever because I know for a fact that I will not stick to them and if I tried it would just become like a chore to me and I would lose interest, So for now, I am keeping it casual, vlogging and making hopefully interesting videos when I can and I just hope that you take the time to watch one and let me know what you think.
And if your thinking of trying out vlogging for yourself..? I'd say Go For It! Its actually kinda fun...

 Here is a link to my YouTube Channel rachaelrar - Enjoy! :) *Click Me!*

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