Acting in a Small Budget Feature Film...


'The Alexerudd Affair'

Written and Directed by Jennifer Drewett 

Well. Cardiff. It's... amazing! It's an understatement to say that I am loving life here. The people, the atmosphere, the opportunities... Especially this one I have been given. I recently joined the casting agency Bdiscovered with the wonderful Tina Hartery, where I am now also working as a talent scout for them. 
Tina first mentioned the small budget feature film that is being shot in Cardiff at my first meeting with her, where I was to be given the part of a smaller character with a few lines.  However, after a month passed  Tina emailed me again and said that certain cast members had dropped out and that she had cast me as the part of Nikki Scarlatti. "Ok, no worries." I though to myself, "A new part." I clicked on the script that she had sent me, thinking that again, I would only have a few lines, and to my amazement, the first line in bold capital letters read;
'Nikki Scarletti MAIN CHARACTER....' "Oh.Wow!" I thought to myself... "The main character!" (I then had a little over-excited jump around the room and ran and told my flat mates; who said nineteen is too old for that kind of thing!?)
I was excited, true, yet also nervous and slightly apprehensive as to what will come out of it, and also due to the fact that the rest of the cast had auditioned for roles, where I had waltzed right in and got the lead! I am not one to care much of people not liking me, but as I was to be working with these people, (some of whom had travelled from all over the U.K to film), and I hoped that we would become friends, I hoped that they would not think me too pretentious.. However I needn't have worried as everyone is so lovely and I instantly found the writer and director Jennifer Drewett so open and friendly and I can honestly say that I have been having the best time filming with everyone! We began filming in May and after filming everyday, are halfway through, and should be done by the end of June, which is rather sad really...  
I can't say too much about the film, and I do not want to give anything away, but the Plot involves my sweet and innocent character falling for a guy over the summer, before they go their separate ways. I then go off to university in September, only to find that the guy that I had fallen for is there!... with his girlfriend; who not to say the least has not really taken a shine to my character. Not taking the break up so well, shes goes off the rails a little bit, aiming all her aggression and revenge at yours truly. Its going to be an interesting turn of events...
The shooting has all been in Cardiff, with plenty for the Bloopers reel, (usually due to me unfortunately!), such as in parks, community centres and in using the university that I go to, The University of Glamorgan, for shooting the scenes set in a university. One thing that I have enjoyed throughout the filming process, is due to my degree at The University of Glamorgan, BA (Hons) Performance & Media, (I'm only a first year though!), I not only have the knowledge of being in front of a camera, but behind the scenes as well and am not lost as to what equipment does what and what they are called -which certainly makes a change from my long list of failures with technology!
It is odd to think that the filming process is nearly over and the movie will hopefully in the next couple of months be finished, edited and put on to a DVD. And although I hate watching my self on screen, (So. Cringe. Worthy), I know that I will have to keep my eyes wide open and focused for the premier of this film - as I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Some of the Cast & Crew 

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