Too Good To Be True...?


I thought so. A little over two weeks ago, as stated in my previous blog, I gained the job of presenting on the fairly-new internet game show Pixel Picnics, with over 40 thousand viewers and a only a month wait for funding, (so I would actually get paid and be able to call myself a Professional Presenter!), I was a little bit more than excited.

Then, after doing my first show, (and then the show taking a break to change locations) I received an email from the owner. Good news - he has funding! Bad news – the company funding the show want use one of their own fluent Welsh speaking presenters and to change it to a Welsh language show… The owner kindly stated on my behalf that I am in fact a darn Good Welsh speaker and receive a B in my A Level, (A* in my oral exam section of it!), but sadly, that was not good enough… So - I lost my first professional presenters job, after only doing one show… The kicker was that only the day before, I had been interviewed, (as a presenter!), for a new magazine form Freshties,, and when asked my biggest achievement in presenting, I had said ‘Pixel Picnics’… and now I’m back to where I started.
The, (slightly annoying), thing about the media industry, particularly in the performance field which I intend to enter, that it is not so much about completing course in presenting or gaining a degree in media – its having actual experience in the media industry and having the contacts. (Ever heard the expression; ‘It’s not What you know, it’s Who you know..?’) So in currently completing a BA Hons degree in Performance and Media, it’s a start; but will get me nowhere if I have no real, particularly paid experience. Even to join Casting Call Pro you need to have previously had At least 3 paid jobs in that field in which you are advertising yourself in. In in not quite getting to the paid part of presenting on Pixel Picnics, will it even count as one..? Not quite.

So what to do now? Yes, in a way, I’m back to where I’ve started. But in so many other ways, mainly in having experience in being live where the audience can see me, not just hiding behind a radio desk, I have grown. And I am hopeful – because where God closes a door he opens a window and everything happens for a reason. I thought Pixel Picnics would be my break, or at least get me to it, and it wasn’t. And so far, it hasn’t. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll never get a presenting job again. Although if I’m still struggling at 30, maybe then I would consider a change in career. But for now, I am hopeful. There are other presenting jobs out there - and one day, one of them will be mine. I just have to keep trying – no one ever got anywhere by giving up…

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