Oh How I Miss My iPod...


For the past few months I have had my first term in university, and I have to say; I Loved it!; which was why I was so dismayed when the doctor told me to go home for the last three weeks of term because I had glandular fever. Granted, I hadn’t spoken or eating properly in a couple of weeks, I’d lost a lot of weight and my neck glands had swollen out to my ears, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to stay. But, unfortunately, the doctor was right, I needed rest. With my dad having a day off work that very week, he travelled the five hours to come pick me up for which I am very grateful for. It was two hours into the journey home however when I woke up and decided to listen to my iPod and; “Noooooo!” I had left my iPod in Cardiff. Now my dad’s good, but considering those two hours where spent getting lost trying to get out of Cardiff, he drew the line at going back to get it. Great, I thought. Suddenly I had gone to not even being able to go to the shop across the road without music playing in my ears to facing six weeks of what had become unfamiliar sounds of the world around me; cars, road works, even people. It really made me realise how anti-social I am when walking alone.

I always knew that my phone and my iPod where important to me, but the real realisation of how much I depended on one of them came to light a couple of years ago when my computer and mobile broke on the same day. The loss of communication through the internet and all of my contacts on my phone combined with me never being one to sit around and wait for something to happen forced me to want to sort my cut-off-from-the-world feeling immediately. So the next day, I bought a new phone. It was only cheap and certainly a step down from my last phone, but the feeling of relief and return of my sense of control made having any cheap, standard phone for the next six months’ worth it.

I guess that’s what it all comes down to- having that extra sense of control over are lives through knowing that we can do things like email whilst in the middle of a field and ring our friends from practically anywhere when we want. But do we really have that much control over our lives when we rely on technology and machines to do so much for us..? Alarm clocks to wake us up in the mornings, heaters to keep us warm as appose to an extra clothing layer or the reliance of your phone to remember your best friend’s number instead of yourself. Almost gone are the days are of researching through hours of reading books at the library, the world has the internet to do half of it for us now. Is the truth that mankind are slowly becoming so lazy that we need apps and other technology pieces to do anything that require effort for us? Despite eveything; I don’t think so.

Because although a lot of us feel the need to have our phones on us constantly or to get our daily Facebook fix; there are people across the world who everyday live their lives without the privilege of technology practically living it for them. People who have to work hard from the early hours and get themselves up with the only clock being their body clock, get to work on foot and live their lives unbothered about admittedly insignificant things such as downloading the latest; ‘make-my-life-easier-and-me-lazier-app’.

Without the use of my iPod and all its app-glory for Christmas and the New Year and my five hour train journey back to university, I have learned to value the sounds of the world around me and to be part of it, instead of lost in my own, and have realised that walking to the shop five minutes away without music playing in my ears is not so unimaginable as I thought. As my News Years resolution, I plan to spend less time depending on technology and more time depending on myself.

Merry Christmas My Wonderful Readers and Have a Wonderful New Year!

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