For My Universities Newspaper TAG: A Painful Experience


I was asked last year whilst still in school to write for the newspaper of the university of which I am now a student of. I was unsure what to write about, as it was an article of my choice.. and then my friend decided she wanted to go Paint-balling for her birthday and I found my inspiration. If you'd like to see it in the actual newspaper TAG and read TAG for yourself, then feel free to follow the link and to find the article, look on the contents page on the bottom and click number 60.

Here it is, I hope you like it...

It was cold, wet and muddy. Not my idea of fun to begin with. As I stood watching the martial demonstrate the force on a metal wall, I fought back the tears of fear and thought to myself; "Why on earth did I agree to this?!"
To be honest, paint-balling was not my idea. I had been convinced to go for a friends birthday. "It'll be fun!" She said, "We'll have a laugh!" Well for the emotional trauma that myself and my bank account was feeling for this, I thought to myself, "It better be!" And in fact, it was! Who'd have thought that shooting random strangers with the intention to inflict pain would be so much fun for the sane people?! In fact, I got so into it, that I managed to shoot somebody about twenty feet away from me right in the chest! I had one brief, moment of glory before it dawned on me that I had hit the captain of my own team! It felt like I was a footballer who had just scored a goal then realised it was in the wrong net. So much for a 'good' shot... His payback to me was to nominate me to be the next team captain, in which I had to run and grab a pointless piece of plastic as an open target to the opposition. I guess an apology is just not enough for some people...
Yet it was in taking on the role as captain and leading my team of paint covered strangers, that the adrenalin rush kicked in and I felt the urge to kick in some revenge. I ran through the soaking wet mud that reached up to my knees, (note to self- must invest in wellies!), I took a couple of quite painful shots and I ran fast with the pointless piece of plastic for the point and our team won! For the first time that day, my heart raced with the feeling of excitement as opposed to fear. I was having fun. As my team cheered and thanked me, I couldn't wait to play the next game and hit someone from the right team this time!
One thing that was obvious to me throughout the day was how paint-balling really helps build your team work skills. To work together quickly to conjure up a plan of attack with whose names you don't even have time to remember is not only fun, but also surprisingly rewarding in a self-accomplishing way. The way that my team covered and protected me as I ran for the point was probably more than one of your close friends would do in a BB-gun fight- and paint-balls hurt more! It is no wonder that paint-balling is such a popular activity for work trips. Although, in my opinion, paint-balling is perfect for anybody who is looking for a certainly painful, challenging  yet very unique and rewarding experience. Even if your are not particularly a fan of mud, pain and running, (such as myself), the feeling of being able to say "Yes! I did it!" is truly immense.
As for my advice that I could offer, it is simply to just have fun! You will probably only ever do this once so you may as well go for it while you can!
So would I do it again anytime soon? Hmmm...Maybe not so much for the soon part- I think that I should give the bruises that I already have time to heal first!- But as for going again? I've already picked out my wellies!

So there you go, my first article for my universities newspaper and watch this space for hopefully more to come!

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