The One Thing In Common


There is one thing that every human being has in common, no matter what our origin, creed or hair colour, and that is that We All Make Mistakes. Whether its forgetting to water a friends plants, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or wearing the wrong kind of shoes for the day ahead of you; mistakes are inevitable. The question is, what are the consequences of our mistakes and how do we deal with them? Will that plant die? Was what we said really that bad? And is wearing those stilettos in the frosty weather going to put you in crutches for the next few weeks? Just as we must live with our mistakes, we must live with the consequences of them.
However, not all mistakes are as simple and general as these. Some mistakes are big ones, and more often than not, big mistakes affect more than just the person who made it. I recently made a big mistake in my life and ended up hurting someone who I never wanted to see hurt, especially not by my doing. So how are you supposed to make things right once the damage is done? Apologise? Beg for forgiveness? Or try and hunt down the producers of 'Back To The Future' and see if you could borrow their time machine to undo your mistake? (I tried, apparently its not available). The only thing really left to do is try to live with the mistake, however big or small, and if you have hurt others along the way, by trying to make it up to them. It shall be a very long time until I earn my forgiveness and trust back to what it was, but it is something that I am glad to do as I accept responsibility for my mistake.
But fear not fellow humans who make mistakes everyday, it is not all bad, for there is a brighter side to life: Everything Happens For A Reason. So even though you probably don't even realise it, or maybe the reason hasn't really kicked in yet, there is a purpose behind each mistake. If nothing else, the reason is A Lesson. We each learn a lesson from our every little mistake that we make. Such as not to poke our fingers through the cage after all, or to think before we speak more, or in my case, to think of others before I act more. And even though I should not really have had to learn this lesson again, I am grateful for the reminder. Our life, our characters and who we are are shaped around our every decision, good and bad, and the people who truly love us, will love us for both no matter what.
The trick to dealing with our mistakes and their consequences is to learn from them, because the truth is that mistakes are inevitable, after all, we are only human, but choosing to learn from our mistakes and not to make the same mistake again, is up to us.

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