The Brilliant Art Works of Josh Shwelm


A friend of mine named Josh Shwelm is a brilliant artist. I mean it, I am being completely unbiased. Have a look for yourself:

He drew this! With nothing but a pencil and a plain piece of paper.

Now I have placed in Art competitions before, but I would never go up against him! The reason in which I have dedicated a blog to his work, is due to the fact that I believe that his art work is so good, that it is going to waste if not every person I know does not see what he can do. Here is another favorite picture of mine that he has drew:

This one was awarded Best Exhibit at an art competition, and rightly so. Personally, I believe that this picture is just a classic example of what can be accomplished with nothing but paper, a pencil, and a vivid imagination.

Here is another classic drawing by Josh Schwelm:

Another Avril Lavigne picture that he has drawn has now been sold, and for a very reasonable amount compared to what he could charge, he is willing to draw a picture for anyone who requests one. You can follow him on twitter... JoshSchwelmArt ...and send him the picture that you want drawn.

As his new manager, yet remaining unbiased, Josh has improved immensely over the years and I have no doubt that his talent and requests for drawings will continue to improve, just as I have no doubt that this is only the beginning of the fantastic career in art to come for Josh Shwelm.

For requests and a reasonable fee, contact either;
OR Twitter

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