The Opinionated Beauty Truth


I have very recently watched an episode of one of my favourite programs that I have ever watched, Glee (Please don't dis :) ), where the theme was accepting yourself as the way you are. If you do not watch Glee, (Why!?), the episode saw the popular stereotypical blonde now ex-head cheerleader come out as a former chubby, big-nosed brunette with glasses. Also a member of the Glee club with a Barbara Streisand like nose considered a nose job because she was not confident in the way she looked. However, at the end of the episode, all of the Glee members came to terms with how they looked and learned to love them selves that way. And I think that we should all do the same.

5 Things That I Like About Myself:
  1. My petite height (5ft 1 1/2 inches)
  2. My big dark brown eyes
  3. My blonde hair
  4. My slender figure
  5. My scars
5 Things That I Don't Like About Myself:
  1. My petite height (5ft 1 1/2 inches)
  2. Having to wear glasses occasionally
  3. My one not-so-straight-tooth
  4. My funny 'outy' bellybutton
  5. My scars
You will notice that some aspects of my appearance that are on the lists appear on both. My height because being short is both a blessing and a curse- Every guy I date is considered 'tall' and I get called cute- yet I also have to hem all my trousers, every long dress and finding jeans to fit and skirts that remain mini and not on the knee is a nightmare!
As for my scars, I have 10 in total. Some small and unnoticeable, some ugly and prompt people to ask questions about them. Yet I would not change them. For instance, my largest, yet faint scar, that stretches across my left side, is from a kidney operation from when I was a few months old. I have known no other left side to my body and without my scar, my body would not feel complete.
However, not everybody is as accepting of themselves to love their scars. Each scar tells a story about you and your life. Mine come from fights, camping trips and a lack of luck when it comes to hot objects. Even if you are not to fond of the story behind your scars, we must try to embrace them and accept them as part of us.

People may argue that it is due to the media that we feel the urge to change ourselves. To be finner, look taller, have bigger boobs and smaller noses. But is it not true, that the biggest influence in our lives and how we feel about ourselves is Our self?... If we tell ourselves that we need to lose weight, that we need to die our hair to be considered good looking or agree that All celebrities are better looking then us, then aren't we the influencors? We are each responsible for our own actions and our own choices in life.

I was fortunate to compete in the international beauty pageant, Miss. European, (no I didn't win, but I did come second in Wales and got Miss. Personality!), and it was during the week of the pageant, in seeing all the beautiful girls from across Europe did I realise that how different everyone looked, yet how they were all so beautiful. Which prompts me to ask; Isn't Beauty Just A Matter Of Opinion?
Some people may like brunettes, other blondes. Some people may like slender figures and others may be chubby chaser's. What is beautiful changes in everybodies eyes. For instance, what I find good looking in a guy is a height of at least 6ft, (yes I know, a stepladder will be needed!), a cute smile, and dazzling eyes. With my boyfriends height of 6ft2, his big warm smile and his bright blue eyes, he ticks all my boxes. However, my friends may feel differently about what kind of guy looks-wise that they would want. What we look for in the opposite, (or same), sex if often different to the person standing next to us, so it is a fact that what we find beautiful is personal to our own opinion.

We are all different, (unless you are an identical twin such as myself), and we are all beautiful.
For every person who calls you ugly, there will be a person who thinks you're beautiful. That is the beauty of opinions...

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