The Chapter


The end of school. One chapter in our lives ends and another one begins. Tears of sadness, (and some of joy), flooded the floor of the hotel in which our May Ball (Prom) was held, as all of us former students bid farewell to the retiring Head of Sixth Form, and to each other. The next time that we would all be in one room together at the same time, would be when we are collecting our exam results; and then come again, the tears of sadness and some of joy.

For me, as close to tears as I was, I did not cry. The only reason I nearly did, was due to looking around me, seeing the sadness in so many peoples eyes and realising that this last dance was our last moments together... However, the realisation of the fact that I am no longer a school pupil came to me the next day at work when I was telling a fellow worker how the May Ball went and he asked me, "What school did I go to?..." What school did I go to... Gone, I thought to myself, are the days where people would ask; "What school do you go to?" I suppose I ought to get used to this new question.

As for the events of the May Ball, I was voted 'Biggest Flaunt' and found out that many of my close friends had voted for me! I had to laugh and yes, sort of agree. Other awards that followed were the likes of 'Most Likely To Be On Crime-Watch' and 'Most Likely To Become A Serial Killer'. After the laughter, jokes, the three course meal and the speeches were over, then came the dancing! And I have to say, there is no more surreal experience than seeing a teacher who always seemed so uptight, 'bust a move', on the dance floor!

Although I am yet to rid myself of the black and white uniform and finish my exams, gone are the days of comfort in consistency where the routine was for around 14 years, to go to school five days a week, every week, for most of the year. Now, I come and go as I please and attend revision classes as much as I can to achieves the grades I need to move forwards to yet another chapter of my life: University.

So what is this chapter in between? This middle part where you are half in school. half not. Half free to come and go as you please, half forcing yourself to revise for exams.Waiting for university, or where ever you may be going, yet looking back on your school years and keeping the nostalgia alive. Does this chapter have a name...? 'The Bit In-Between' perhaps? Or maybe we all just have to name our own...

In the words of 'Remember' by Allister;

'Remember Where We Are Now,
Open Your Eyes, Take It All In,
Remember Where You Are Now,
This Is Where Your Life Begins...'

Good Luck In Your Exam Results Everybody! :)

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