New Year, New Blog!


  Why do we make 'New Year's Resolutions?! Is it to officially mark the beginning of a New Year with a New Start? To loose weight, quit smoking, join a club or save the world? (Or at least contribute). I've given up the resolution of 'to grow', (it never happens- I guess I'll just be 5ft 1 and a 1/2 inches forever....) For this years resolution, I've gone with 'Be more healthy'. However, since then I have had three takeaway pizzas, chocolate and other fast foods so I guess I'm not doing so well on that one.
  Maybe one of the reasons that we make resolutions is to test and prove to ourselves that we can accomplish what we set out to do. But why does it have to be only once a year? What is stopping us from making a new resolution every month, every week, or maybe even a small one for each day for a daily accomplishment like helping someone just to be helpful.
  In the same way that we make resolutions as a challenge to accomplish something, do we avoid making the resolutions that are a bit more of a challenge to ensure that we are able to accomplish them and avoid failure?
  Maybe we should all break out of our comfort zone and try a new resolution instead if the cliche ones. Like bungee jumping or do white water rafting! I would personally love to do them and am hopefully sky diving in the next few months for charity so watch this space...
  I think I'm going to add 'Blog more' to my list of resolutions as well...

Happy New Year My Wonderful Readers!

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