Negative Vs Positive


Ever had such a bad day that you've just thought; whats the point? Whats the point in anything? Whats the point in life?... 
  Well don't dwell on it; instead, think of the positive things that has happened to you in that day. If you're finding that hard, think of the past week. And if you're finding That hard, the past month. And if you're Still finding it hard- stop thinking so negative! You can never expect to be truly happy in life if all you can think about is the bad things that has happened to you. Instead- look up, break into a smile (even if it hurts!), and think about the good things that have happened to you. Or even better, turn the bad things into happy memories.
  Did a car drive past you and splash a puddle over you leaving you to humiliation and laughter? You yourself may have thought it funny and if not, it's certainly given you a funny story to tell. Did u forget or lose something? Think of the relief of when you get it back and it will teach you to become more organised (not that this has ever worked for me, but for you it just might!) So you were late, with your hair a mess, your shoe broke during the rush And had your worst enemy point out your misfortune?... Cheer up! Don't worry about it! Late or not you still got there- hair can be fixed, just grab a brush! Avoid drawing attention to your feet and if someone else has nothing better to do than try and put you down, then don't get sucked into their negativity and ignore it! 
  Turning the negative into positive has been what has kept me going through life, so try to turn the negative things that happen to you into positives- take it from somebody who knows- this will make you a lot more happier in the long run. 

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