University; the 'Be-all and End-all?'



So. I am currently in the middle of writing the dreaded personal statement, narrowing down Uni's and trying to figure out what I want with my life and how to get it. All at 18! But is University really the 'Be-all and End-all?' Is it really that bigger deal if we don't go this year, next or at all!? How many of us know of someone who has gone to University and done Nothing with their chosen course? I know a few.
  Take one of my best friends sister for example; she’s a smart girl who did well in all her GCSE's, A Levels, went to University and is now training to be the store manager at boots. But is that such a bad thing? I think not. When you have a job doing something you love and like your life and the people you work with, is that not good enough? I am not trying to discount University or suggest that it is a waste of time, (after all, I am applying myself), I simply mean to make a point that for all you people out there who are feeling the pressure of the application deadline/did not get into their first choice Uni or any/don't know What they want to do-relax! There is no law saying that we Have to go if we don't want to. Does it really open up more career paths for you? Only in your chosen study. If you re not feeling the pull to University as your other fellow pupils are, there are other alternatives. College courses are specially designed for many careers, getting a job straightaway or taking a year off to figure out what you want. I would personally love a gap year, but I know myself, so I know that the temptation to never have to sit an exam again will be too much for me and I would never go back.  
  There are so many different career path that you can enter into if you do not wish to go to University. Such as;
  • Pluming
  • Electrician
  • Store manager
  • Apprenticeship
  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Club DJ
  • Hairdresser
  • Beautician
  • Holiday Rep
  • Chef
  • And more! All good jobs with decent money that you do not need a degree for.

    But even if you choose one of these careers then change your mind, it's never too late! Bangor University have a 'Lifelong Learning' program, where their graduates are in their 80's! And take another woman I know she has been a hairdresser for years and has know gone to Uni to study politics. An unlikely choice of course for  a hairdresser I hear you say? Is it that school has brainwashed us into thinking that no decent career comes without a degree, so we stereotype everyone else who has a non-university-needed-job as 'not as clever' as say, a university graduate. They may have all the knowledge in the world, but just choose to enjoy a career free of debt.
      For me- I was brainwashed by my parents. Since I can remember, the number 1 message that my parents have set out to my sister and I, is that we were going to finish school and go to University. Of course 'making something of ourselves' was never included in this equation; it was always just assumed that if you went to University, that you would automatically 'make something of yourself'. But unfortunately, that it not always the case. Parents sometimes do, just want the best for and for us t have what they didn’t have. Both my parents families were poor, and it was a case of quit school as soon as you can, get a job, and start supporting the family.
      But just because your parent and/or school want you to go to University; does not mean that you have to!
    It's your life! NOT theirs!

      So. University; the 'Be-all and End-all'? In no way is University your final option in life!

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